Taxpayers money misused for implants


Taxpayers money misused for breast implants

The top medical officer of the Australian defence force is investigating allegations that female navy personnels had misused taxpayer's funds for breast implants surgery.

Breast enhancement surgeries are common among women who wished to enlarge their breasts but some female navy crew had been alleged to abuse their medical entitlements for cosmetic purposes.

A certain newspaper reported that the australian navy financed two female sailors, aged 25 and 32, to have breast implant surgeries, costing the sum of $10,000 each.

Rejecting the speculations, Air Vice Marshal Tony Austin said in a statement " To say as some in the media have that Australian Defence Force personnel can have surgery paid for purely for cosmetic reasons to look sexy is wrong".

Adding that providing medical information to media organisation would constitute an invasion of privacy for the sailors concerned, the Air Vice Marshal suggest that in the instance and under medical recommendation, defence may consider reconstruction or augmentation through surgery to ensure that the individual can work to their full potential.

He defended that any suggestion the operations were done to make the sailors look sexy were not only wrong, but insulting. It is the defence policy that they do consider the holistic needs of their personnels, psychologically as well as physically. Such surgeries are only approved after recommendations following medical evaluation.

However, plastic surgeon Kourosh Tavakoli from Darling Point, who did the surgery for the two women sailors, said that the women were not injured but claimed to suffer psychological problems.

"I know for a fact two patients claimed it back on the navy. They (the navy) knew it was breast augmentation and paid for it."

"I don't know why they pay for it. There's no breast augmentation, that I know of, for medical purposes. You've got to be fair to yourself.'' said Dr Tavakoli.

It makes one ponders...
1) if these women were unable to handle the size of their breasts and suffers psychological problems, are they really fit to be handling warships and such.

2) Do they pay for men in the forces who similarly suffers psychological problems with the size of their privates. Surely there are men who feels they are inadequate in that area and cannot perform to their full potential as a soildier.

3) How many taxpayers would be happy to know that their money are spend by the defence on such operations. - your one stop resource all your Natural Breast Enhancement needs.