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Some facts about surgical breast implants

surgical implants 

Types of Implants
The three main types of surgical implants are saline filled, silicone gel filled and soybean oil implants. Saline implants were used by the vast majority of women these days as compare to 5 years ago where silicone implants were more popular. The main reason for this has to be the fact that saline implants have a relatively lower proportion of complications in comparison to silicone implants.

Implants comes in two shapes. Round and Anatomical (contoured). You may discuss with your surgeon depending on the desired shape you wish to achieve. Round is the more popular shape of choice. Moreover surgeons seems to favor and recommend round implants. Contoured implants placed under the pectoralis major muscle may still give a round shape after implantation.

Size of implants varies from less than 200cc to 600cc. An overwhelming majority of women purchased implants less than 400cc. In additon, the majority of women who undergo implants are natural A cup size, mostly choosing to increase 2 or more cup sizes ( cup C or D )

A choice of textured or smooth implants. Textured surface implants were designed to minimize the occurrence of capsular contracture. However, at this point of time, studies are inconclusive yet that smooth implants have a higher chance of severe capsular contracure.            implants incision

The surgical incision sites
The three most common sites are under the breast (infra-mammary), around the nipple (periareolar) or armpit (transaxillary). The most concealed surgical incision is around the nipple but has a higher likelihood of experiencing difficulties with breast feeding. Recent years have seen more women having surgical incision under the breast in comparison to around the nipple vastly as a result of the difficulties encounter with breastfeeding. However, under the armpit seems to also be an upcoming incision trend, but it seems to have a higher rate of reported complications.
***for breast reconstruction, the most common site used is usually the mastectomy scar during the mastectomy procedure or right after tissue expansion.

Implant placement
Implants can be placed sub-glandularly (over muscle) or sub-muscularly (under muscle). Under the muscle appears to be the more popular choice for women. But this has a relatively higher degree of reported complications alsol.

Under the muscle surgery may be longer, takes a longer recovery time, reoperation may be difficult, implants are less palpable but is easier for imaging during mammography exam.

Over muscle surgery may be shorter, faster recovery, easier for re-operation, better palpable implants but more difficult imaging during mammography exam.


We hope the above information have been helpful for those who are seriously contemplating surgical breast enhancement. Surgery may be the faster way to see results, but it is not without its risk and complications. If you made up your mind on getting implants for enhancing your breast, you may like to pop over to Breast enhancement surgery for more helpful information about what to expect and getting yourself ready for the procedure.

Before deciding on implants for breast enlargement, you may also like to consider the local complications and re-operations issues. Find out the cold hard truths about plastic surgery for breast implants.

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