stem cells


Stem cells for breast enhancement

A new technique to enhance your breast naturally has recently been reported in Japan. Scientist are using stem cells and fat extracted from your tummy or thigh to enhance your breast.

It was reported that more than 40 women had undergo the procedure with no adverse complication and a surgeon from Tokyo University medical school, Mr. Kotaro Yoshimura hailed it as a great success.

The technique involves extracting fat cells obtained by liposuction of the abdominal wall or thighs. It is then supplemented with enriched adipose derived cells, highly concentrated with stem cells and injected layer by layer, into the breast to obtain an even distribution of transplanted fatty tissue.

Using this unprecedented lipoinjection procedure, breast volume can roughly be increase up to two bra-cup sizes. It is believed the procedure enables transplanted fat cells to enhance the breast with natural volume and can be maintained for the rest of you life except for normal aging.

The procedure is now legal throughout Europe including Britain. However, some critics had said that though the procedure enhance the breast more naturally as compared to artificial implants, there could be more difficulty in detecting breast cancer as changes occurring in the breast could not be determine to be fat transfers or cancer growth.

As more research is being done to improve on the technique, the future looks optimistic for women who wish to enhance their breast naturally.