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Cold Hard Truths about plastic surgery for breast enlargement


This is probably a section you can label as ANTI-IMPLANTS. Please do not read any further if you cannot accept the cold hard truths about implants and its complications.

Still here? Great....we all have dreams, to feel more womanly, more feminine, more desirable, more confident more more more.... and we say to ourselves, " if only I have bigger breasts "....


  Breast Implants does not last a lifetime. You will have to do at least one or more re-operations over the course of your life because of local complications from breast implants.
  Some implants rupture or deflate in the first few months and some deflate after several years. Others may take 10 or more years to rupture or deflate, but suffice it to say that they will rupture or deflate, it's a matter of time.
  Recent studies show that 24% of women with breast implants had complications resulting in re-operation during the first 5 years after implantation.
  In a FDA report, Marotta, et al. reviewed numerous publications on over 9,770 silicone implants that were removed and concluded that 26% of implants were ruptured by 3.9 years, 47% were ruptured by 10.3 years, and 69% were ruptured by 17.8 years. Marotta, et al. also reported that shells from removed silicone gel-filled breast implants were considerably weaker than shells before implantation.

Did you know that before the surgeons mechanically dissect your naturally small but lovely breast, they made you sign you are aware that

  • there is no guarantees
  • you may get infected
  • your breast may not be in the right place after surgery
  • you can have dead skin etc.
  Changes to your breast after plastic surgery may be undesirable as well as irreversible. If you do decide to have your implants removed later due to complications, you may experience unacceptable dimpling, wrinkling, loss of breast tissue, sagging or other unacceptable changes that are permanent.
  Implants are porous, and so poisonous bacteria, virus and fungus could get in or come out. From implants that had to be removed due to complications, you could see that it doesn't look as clear and soft like when you see a sample in the doctor's office. What do you think they are?


Some other factors to consider before plastic surgery for breast implants :

You need to be aware that breast implants may interfere with the detection of cancer during your routine Mammograms. And that compression during mammography may cause implant rupture or deflation. Also, the radiologist may have difficulty differentiating calcium deposits in the scar tissue around the implant from a breast tumor.

Not all women who have breast augmentation will be able to breastfeed successfully. The Institute of Medicine reported that women with breast implants showed lactation insufficiency ranging from 28 - 64%. The incision site around the nipple was the factor most associated with insufficient milk.

According to a new study published in Annals of Plastic Surgery, women in Finland who underwent plastic surgery for breast augmentation were more than 3 times as likely to commit suicide as those who did not have the procedure. Another study in Sweden yield similar results of a 2.9 fold increase in women who had implants. Some suggests it could be that these women have a higher rate of undetected mental problems and psychological issues, while others attribute it to the burden of breast implant complications.

Gel Bleed
Silicone gel implants will have small amounts of the silicone fluid leak through the shell and travel into the surrounding areas. Saline implants are porous. Remember, nothing stays in the implants intact forever.

A metal used in the manufacturing of most implants leaks into the body. Even after implants are removed, these metals will remain in your body. Scientific literature has not found evidence that leaked platinum causes illness in women with surgical implants but won't it be too late if they do?

For more information about Breast pain, nipple breast sensation changes, capsular contracture etc, you can read all about it on the FDA site on breast implants. Read about a Hollywood actress's diary about why she decided to remove her breast implants.

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