F cup cookies


Can this be true? Cookies to boost your breast size?

From the land of the rising sun comes another innovative product in response to the ever increasing demand by women to enhance their breasts.

A Japanese manufacturer has invented what they claim to be the world's first bust enhancing cookie. "Eat 2 cookies a day to get bigger breasts", that's what the F-Cup cookie promises.

Each cookie contains 50mg of Pueraria Mirifica, a breast enhancing herb found in Thailand and SE Asia. These herbs have been known to contain phytoestrogens, which are supposed to mimic our body's estrogen when consumed.

Each pack of F-Cup cookies contains 4 individually wrapped cookies and retails at ¥290 ( about US$3 ) . It has been claim that each 68.7Kcal biscuit contains fat that will be deposited directly to your bust area as fatty tissue instead of other parts of the body. ( Is this possible? )

Even the least endowed member of Spice Girls, Sporty Spice-Mel C, had been reportedly heard to comment on BBC Radio 1 that she will be a guinea-pig for them and see if it works before her reunion tour on December 2nd.