natural bigger breast with massage


Can women obtain natural bigger breast with massage 

It is possible to encourage breast growth by practicing breast massage. Though the results may not be phenomenal as compared to various other methods of breast enhancement, it is still a great natural option. But before getting all excited about increasing your breast size with massage, it will be good to know the various factors why we feel breast massage is something you should include in your routine for breast enhancement.

Did you know that according to statistics from the American Cancer Society, one out of every eight woman will contract breast cancer in their lifetime. And recent reports have noted that this figure may be even higher for Asian American women.

Instead of doing a monthly self breast examination, why not practice a daily or two to three times a week breast massage routine? Apart from creating awareness of you breast, self breast massage enables you early detection of any changes or growth in your breast.

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Breast massage had been known to :

  • reduce breast pain
  • reduce breast swelling and soreness
  • reduce incidence of fibroid and cysts
  • relieve PMS symptoms such as discomfort and pain
  • scar reduction following surgery
  • encourage healthy tissue regeneration
  • breast implants complications
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding issues (engorgement/sore nipples/etc)
  • stimulate lymph flow and relieve toxin buildup in the lymphatic system
  • encourage blood circulation and decrease the risk of breast cancer
  • tones and firm the breast

From a holistic point of view, besides creating more self awareness of your own breast, it can be a therapeutic and healing effect. Breast massage can makes you feel more connected to your body, achieving a feeling of wholeness, oneness and femininity, given the right atmosphere and mood settings.

To prepare an environment conducive for your massage, choose a warm and quiet place. Make sure you will not be disrupted by any electronic devices, use subdued lightings or candles for calming effects. Focus your senses on your hands and on what your emotions are saying to you. Be gentle and soft with your touch.

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To encourage breast growth, you can also combine your massage with a breast enhancement cream or you can prepare your own concoction. The use of external herbs to target breast tissue directly is most effective in transporting the essential nutrients to your breast for growth.

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Breast massage, like all other forms of health giving massage, is good for both your body and spirit. Not to mention the boost in your self esteem and confidence. Make it work for you today. Start by massaging your breast daily.