male to female breast transformation


Male to female breast transformation

You have probably found this page in your search for more information about the process of transforming your male's breast into a more sexy and bouncy female breast.

Male to female breast transformation takes a lot of patience and time. And it is important to note that the idea of having natural breasts that are visible are just a part of the overall feminisation process. In your effort to transform yourself from male to female, here are some other factors you may like to look at.


Transforming your gender from male to female

Breasts are probably one of the easiest part of the female body to imitate in your quest for a more feminine body. While in the process of natural breast growth using massage, pills, creams, herbs and exercises, you may like to consider investing in silicone breast forms.

These breast forms are the next best thing closest to having natural breast. Wearing a pair of fake breast gives you an idea of what it is like to possess a pair of natural breast, its shape, weight and bounce.

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Some other essential factors for your total transformation to feminize yourself includes

 Facial hair Women do generally have less facial hair. The first thing you will need to work on is removing your facial hair by shaving, tweezing or waxing.
Facial complexion Invest more time on your face. Proper and regular cleansing should be part of your daily routine.
 Wig It is amazing how wearing a wig can transform you to be more lady-like.
Female voice You can be perceived by men as a beautiful attractive woman but can you imagine yourself speaking to men in a manly voice?
Hands and nails Proper hand and nails care are important for you to pass off as more feminine.
 Walk Men and women walk in different manner. Putting on a pair of heels do not pass you off as womanly if you don't know how to walk like a woman.
 Pheromones Science has proven that pheromone does attract the opposite sex. Using a female pheromone will help increase your chances of passing off as a female since genetically your body do not produce female pheromones.


These are just some of the broad issues you want to seriously work on if you wish to have a total transformation into a female. For a more complete and detail look at this very delicate issue of cross dressing, we recommend this excellent guide by Jamie.


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