male breast enhancement pill


Male breast enhancement pill

Is there a male breast enhancement pill that works? Men who are seeking for the "wonder pill " that will grow their breasts have some unanswered questions.

Are breast enlargement pills for males any different from those for females? Can men achieve the same results as women by taking these pills?

For crossdressers, transgender and transvestite as well as men with a fetish for larger breasts, this will help you to cut short your search for that wonder pill.

male breast pill

What it takes to grow your male breast

Irregardless of your sex, hormones are the main reason your breast grows. Hormones are the ones that runs through our blood and turn body functions on or off. They are responsible for the growth and maintainance of our body. They are the ones responsible for your mood swings in a heartbeat.

The four hormones that will be responsible for triggering your breast enlargement and growth are estrogens, progesterone, prolactin and growth hormone. And these hormones are found in larger quantities in females as compared to males. Which is the main reason why you need male breast enhancement pills to stimulate growth for you male breasts.

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Male breast enlargement and testosterone
Apart from increasing the amount of the four hormones above, emphasis must be place in reducing the testosterone hormone found dominantly in males. This mighty and potent hormone are responsible for all your male traits such as muscular build, voice pitch, hair and fat distribution, body shape and many others.

It is therefore correct to say that apart from taking male breast enhancement pills, success of your transformation from male to female largely depends on your ability and efforts to reverse the effects of testosterone.


magic breast pillThe male breast enhancement wonder pill

A search online will produce several results about natural breast enlargement pills for male. As more and more males are searching for natural options to breast enlargement, some sites have appeared overnight capitalising on the demand for male breast enlargement pills. It will take time to be certain if such pills are indeed effective.

At the moment, the only male breast enhancement pills that we can confidently recommends is Transfemme. We will continue to monitor the market and bring you our recommendations.

In the meantime, these are our top three choices for male breast enlargement pill that works. Even though both Breast Actives as well as Breast Success were supplements created for women in general, they have also seen a varying degree of success for males seeking for breast enlargements.


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male breast enlargement pill arrow2 Breast Actives

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Your success depends on...

Increasing estrogen and decreasing testosterone is only half the equation. For best results, you have to increase all the four hormones and decrease testosterone. There is a way to naturally increase these hormones and reduce or stop testosterone productions.

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