cheerleader dies after breast surgery


Cheerleader dies after breast surgery

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that the number of women 18 or younger undergoing breast enlargements has increase by nearly 500 percent over the last decade, as compared to the 300 percent increase for all other age group.

Parents are seen buying young girls a breast augmentation package as a form of birthday or high school graduation gift.

Just recently, an 18 year old cheerleader from West Boca High School, South Florida, died 24 hours after undergoing corrective breast surgery. Doctors says complications arises while trying to correct her asymmetrical breast and an inverted areola. Barely 2 hours into the surgery, she was rushed to Delray Medical Center.

Stephanie Kuleba died a day later after suffering a fatal reaction to the anesthesia which is known as malignant hyperthermia. The reaction causes the a pateient's heart rate and metabolism to rises, causing an increase in the body temperature to as high as 112 degress.

Kuleba, who was the captain of the varsity cheerleading team at her high school, has a promising future and has plans to study medicine in college and aspires to be a plastic surgeon one day.