breast enlargement for men


Breast enlargement for men

transgender symbolBreast enlargement for men has become increasingly popular these daysl.

What used to be a quietly discussed topic among transexuals are now more broadly talk about among males who wished to enlarge their breast for various reasons. Gone are the days when breast enlargement for men were considered a taboo topic.

Men seeking breast enhancement now includes crossdressers, transgenders, transexuals, transvestites as well as males who desires to possess female breasts. The time has finally come where more men are seeking larger breast openly as their own form of self expression.

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For males who simply do not want to risk the complications of breast implants surgery, or cannot afford the hefty expense surgical implants will cost, the following breast enlargement methods for men are available:


Ways you can enlarge your breast

  • The use of synthetic hormones - these has been associated with a number of side effects. Spirolactone ( commonly used in hormone therapy for transsexual and transgendered males ) has been linked to an increased risk of bleeding from the stomach and duodenum, testicular atrophy as well as an increased risk of liver and breast cancer.
  • Natural herbal supplements - contains phytoestogens extracts from plants that mimic the functions of estrogens ( main hormone found in the body responsible for breast growth ).
  • Natural glandular therapy - the use of glandular therapy is nothing new. It has been extensively used in the treatment of cancer and AIDS. Basically it is a form of purified extracts from glands of animals. It provides raw materials for your body to boost and increase the productions of estrogen and therefore stimulate breast growth.
  • Creams and serums - these herbal based extracts are massaged directly on the breast, delivering nutrients where it matters most.
  • Massage - An absolute must for any man wishing for bigger breast.
  • Breast pumps - another alternative to invasive breast sugery. Not much information if it works for men.

BreastArticles promotes and encourages the use of natural products. Breast enlargement for men can be achieved safely and effectively without all the unwanted side effects or costly surgical bills. Here are our top picks for products currently available in the market:

 transfemme - natural breast enlargement for men  1 Transfemme - a form of glandular therapy enlargement supplement. It is not recommended for males who still wish to have children in future as usage of 6 months or more may produce feminization results that are irreversible.
 order breast active to enlarge your breast  2 Breast Actives - proven phytoestrogen based supplement that have many success stories. Works best when used with Breast Actives cream.
 breast success enhancement  3 Breast Success - effective formulation that has worked for both women and men. Comes with a 100 day money back guarantee.

Another breast enhancement option for men

For those with limited budget, we highly recommend investing in the resources found in this book. It has proven to work for thousands of men seeking a natural way to enlarge their breast. You will learn the secrets of how and what it takes to increase the hormones you need for breast growth, and reduce or stop your body from producing more testosterone, which stunts your breast growth.

Also explained in detail is a technique call " chi massage " , that will expedite the development of your breast. Discover the secret ingredients needed for self preparations of a potent " cleavage cream " that you can use with the massage for best results. All these and many more useful tips.

The flat to feminine program works like a charm but requires disipline and preparation. It is not suitable for men who are very busy all the time. It is however, probably the most economical and effective way to achieving breast enlargements for men.

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