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Breast Enhancement Pills - How it works

Most breast enlargement pills contain a proprietary blend of natural ingredients known for their ability to balance female hormones and stimulate breast growth.

Our breasts are regulated by hormones, and four of the most important hormones responsible for our breast growths are: hormones for breast growth


1) Estrogen - Hormone most responsible for breast growth.

2) Progesterone - Hormone that is produced after an egg is released each month. Works alongside estrogen to keep the female body in harmony.

3) Growth Hormone - Triggers the growth of the body, including the breast.

4) Prolactin - works with estrogen to develop mammary glands, and causes
the breast to store fat.



The two main types of breast enhancement pills found in the market are either herbal based (phyto-estrogen) or non-herbal based (progesterone).

Herbal based Phyto-estrogen Pills
Most of these pills comprises of botanical herbs that usually contains natural estrogenic properties from plant sources call phyto-estrogens. Some products can contain only 1 herb while others may contain up to 26 different herbs. Phyto-estrogens mimics the body's estrogen and work by regulating your hormonal balance and promoting healthy breast tissue growth. 

Natural but non-herbal progesterone based pills
Progesterone based glandular products works by stimulating the pituitary gland found in our brains (our body's major hormone regulator) to trigger our body's growth hormones and produce more fats in our breasts.


Which is better - Estrogen based or Progesterone based?

Scientific studies have shown that additional estrogen and progesterone may enhance breast growth. It has been claimed by companies marketing progesterone based breast enhancement pills that permanent increase in breast size is only possible by increasing the amount of fat we store in our breasts. However, many women have experience positive and permanent results even using phyto-estrogen pills that has the effect of stimulating breast tissue growth.

With the wide variety of breast enhancement pills available online, it can sometimes be confusing who to believe and which product you should choose. There are probably about a 100 different pill products competing for your attention. We have compared and reviewed the majority to save you valuable time and confusion.

Based on unsolicited feedbacks, testimonials, product manufacturing process, company background/history and many other factors, here are our top 3 choices for breast enhancement pills which we feel will give you a fuller and firmer breast.



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