bountiful breast ingredients


Bountiful breast ingredients

A brief guide on the ingredients, information and usage of Bountiful breast enhancement pills

At the date of this writing, Bountiful breast is the only progesterone based breast enlargment pills in the market.

Almost all other pills are estrogen based. Making it a non herbal, non vegetarian product should this be a concern for you.

Progesterone are a naturally occuring steroid hormone involved in the female menstrual cycle, pregnancy as well as supports the gestation process.

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The main ingredients of Bountiful breast which are patent pending, consist mainly of Bovine ( cow ) glandulars and kelp.

Glandulars, commonly promoted by those in the natural health industry, refers to raw animal glandula, tissues or extract of these tissues. The more commonly use ones include thyroid, adrenal and thymus. Ovary extracts used from bovine may influence and increase the estrogen levels of the consumer.

The patent pending proprietry blend used by Bountiful breast works by stimulating your body's pituitary gland to produce more growth hormones, therefore creating more fatty tissues in your breast.

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Manufacturing of the pills were carried out in a FDA approved lab. No synthetics are used in the manufacturing process, only whole-food products. Capsules are sodium and lauryl sulphate (SLS) free. Though SLS is not banned in the US, it has been suspected of being harmful and are banned in many other countries.

The encapsulation also goes through a Nutripotentized process, which ensures the eficacy and potency of each capsule.

Bountiful breast pills usage:

  • Each bottle of bountiful breast enlargement pills contains 90 capsules. Which is ideally a 1 1/2 supplies.
  • Take one in the morning before food. Always making sure you leave a 1 hour window before consuming any other food for maximum effects.
  • Take one in the eveing before you retire, again, ensuring that you do have have any food 1 hour before consuming the pills.
  • Do note that by consuming more than 2 capsules per day may expedite your breast growth initially but these may stunt the growth abruptly over time.

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