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Bountiful breast enhancement pills reviews

Another worthy contender for your attention if you are searching for breast enhancement products.

Avalon Therapeutics, the creators, prides itself for the only patent pending progesterone based enlargement pill in the United States.


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This all natural non-herbal breast enlargement pills stimulates the body's main hormone regulator, the pituitary gland (found in our brains), to trigger our body's growth hormones.

The proprietary method used stimulates your body to release hormones which cause an accumulation of fatty breast tissue. Note that it does not cause a gain in general body weight.

Some of the benefits of this bountiful breast enlargement system are
as follows:

1) a celebrity endorsement by Jacee Jule, star of " Days of our lives" (probably the only celebrity endorsement in the breast enlargement industry to date)

2) It comes with a 9 months full money back guarantee. If you do not see any results after 9 consecutive months while adhering to their program, they offer 100% refund less a handling and processing fee of $80.

3) Progesterone based glandular product, which the manufacturer claims has the effect of a permanent increase in boob size as compared to estrogen based products.

4) Also useful for menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and vaginal dryness.

5) An impressive " before and after " photo gallery as well as testimonials from satisfied clients

You can find a unsolicited bountiful breast review on ebay. The author shares her experience of the enhancement pills as compared to other enlargement pills she has tried.


Here is another extract found in a forum:

I had tried the herbal breast enhancement ...but was very disappointed. I later found out all those stinky herbal pills, creams and teas just makes you retain water and you have to continue taking it all the time. Plus you weren't allowed to have, chocolate or any carbonated drinks.

I stumbled on to a wonderful product recently. I have only used it for 3 weeks so far but I definitely see and feel a difference. They say you can gain a cup size in 3 months. You can have coffee, chocolate and carbonated drinks. Each woman is different....some gain quicker and some might be slower. You take two pills a day with one protein shake. You have to take the protein shake....because it somehow activates the adrenal glands.....or when girls go through puberty.

Jacee Jule from Days of Our Lives advocates it and so do some other celebrities.

Also there is some pictures on their website of women's horror stories of their breast implant nightmare. It definitely made up my mind. I would rather go natural.

And the best thing about this product is after you reached your desired breast size you stop taking the pills and shakes and the breast size never shrinks. And you never gain weight from this product.

Check out their website before you decide anything. The woman that works there is long time satisfied customer....and I think she is a D cup from an A. Look at the before and after pictures. If you have any her up. Her name is Jules..and she is very informative and pleasant!!

This is the only PATENT-PENDING breast enhancement product out there. Maybe give it a try before you decide such a drastic surgery.

For more information about bountiful breast ingredients and usage.

So you have it, the Bountiful breast enhancement system, a progesterone based breast enhancement product which has been in existence since 1996. Another fine natural supplement product you may like to consider trying in your quest to have larger breasts.

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